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I don’t know about you ,but lately some folks seem to have an issue with a United States that is actually “Fair and Balanced”.  You see it seems as if some folks are in need of a never changing world.  The unfortunate thing for them and fortunate thing for the rest of us is that we all live in a changing world.  A world that is constantly growing and evolving whether you believe in it or not.  This entry all started with the now infamous Arizona Immigration Law.

I recently heard a person on one of those tabloid-like radio shows say that immigration is a real problem and it needs to be taken seriously.  The host being of like mind agreed with them and blamed the Federal Government for not doing anything about this problem.  The interesting thing is that they did not blame the state government they blamed the federal government for its lack of involvement and lack of prudency in addressing this issue.  The same person followed with the argument that Arizona did what it had to do because again the Federal Government was ignoring their cries  for help from the sate and was not assisting the local government with its “Immigration Problem”.

Now here is where it gets interesting.  They then followed this series federal government villainizing scenarios with a call for smaller government and less big government involvement. Uhhh say what?  How can you call for an entity to get involved on one hand and then ask for it to but out on the same hand.  The same hand!?!?  The insane thing is usually you can say on the other hand, but in this instance they didn’t even switch hands!!!

Either you want local government or you want big government even I know that you have to pick one.  That’s basic debating 101.  But I guess that is why they are called talking heads.  There is no debate, just propaganda talk that fuels the fires and increases listeners so that they can sell more advertisement. Immigration and a path to citizenship really is not the issue here.  Making money off of a specific clientele is.

The shameful part is that they have that clientele so amped up on fear and disdain that they have somehow charmed them out of their reasoning capabilities.  For instance how does a country go from placing a plaque inside of the museum of The Statue of Liberty that says and I quote “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” to saying we need to keep immigrants out?  How do we go from the civil rights movement, the accomplishments of the Women’s suffrage movement, and the devastation of the Antisemitic events of World War II to classifying people as immigrants by appearance (i.e. race or color) and anyone who says that that is not what the Arizona law would be doing is just lying to themselves.

I guess the question is when did we lose our minds.  Did somebody put something in the water?  I ask because there is nothing crazier than a country of immigrants aggressively attempting to shut out immigrants.  It’s like we have forgotten the mistreatment of the Irish, the Italian,  The Polish, The Hungarians, The Jews, and many other immigrants who came to this country in the early 1800’s.  It’s is like we have forgotten the horrible Japanese Camps of WWII that made it legal to strip American Citizens of their homes and businesses strictly based on their race.  It’s almost, as some who call themselves “True Americans” and celebrate their immigrant heritage on one hand while condemning one for their immigrant heritage on the other, have forgotten the plight of their own early immigrant ancestors.

I think that it is safe to say that each and every one of them would be ashamed to see some of the discussions being had about immigration today.  I just hope that sooner than later we will begin to think about what it truly means to be a melting pot.  I hope that we will truly begin to think about that famous poem in the museum at the base of the Statue of liberty.  I hope that we will take a look at our ancestry and remember their struggles.  I hope that we will start to pull together as a country.  We built this thing together and we need all of the parts to make it run.

That includes those of us that are trying to get here from other countries.  Those of us who deserve a path to United States Citizenship if we so choose.  We are all immigrants here some by our own free will and some by force, but all immigrants.  I think it is time that we remember where we came from. Oh, and if our roots don’t end with an ancestor from an Eastern Continental Native American Tribe guess what?  You should probably start advocating rolling out a country wide welcome mat.

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