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When You Look For Beauty You Find It Everywhere!

When You Look For Beauty You Find It Everywhere!

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I was looking for a film to talk to you all about before we officially launched our site.  I wanted something that not only spoke to the diversity of everyone in our global community, but spoke to the celebration of everyone in our global community. Guess what?  I found it!  Well, actually my wife Elizabeth found it and reminded me of this absolutely beautiful film that we had the pleasure of watching six years ago.  I am sure that many of you have heard of it, but in the event that you are among the few that have not, let me tell you about a film call Ma Vie En Rose (My Life In Pink).

This beautiful film produced in 1997 was Alain Berliner’s debut at making a feature film, and what a debut it was. I cried during the entire film the first time I watched it, and I cried during the entire film the second time I watched it. Yes, I cried and I will probably do it again the next time I watch this film. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This film is about a young boy who wants to be a girl. The story explores the effect that his decision has on his family and the neighborhood. I can’t believe that something so beautiful exist on this planet, and yet I am not surprised. I must say that I am so excited about what we are doing here. I am excited because we will be producing and marketing films just like this. Films that make it o.k. for people to be who they are. Films that celebrate everyone and open up the minds and hearts of all people so that we can share this world like never before. What a gift this film is. What a gift you are! What a gift this life is and what a gift it is to be born in a time when we can experience the birth of a new understanding of what it means to be human. WoW!

So, if you have not seen this film here is where you can change that.
You can buy it at Amazon, or view it on demand at Amazon by clicking the corresponding image below.

I know that you will enjoy this absolutely beautiful film. See you soon! Also don’t forget to tell your friends about what we are doing. We would like to have all of the positive energy possible behind us. With all of our energy committed to the celebration of our diversity we become an unstoppable force.



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